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Nuestra Historia

Long before the idea of creating a beard brand came to be, I was your standard hard-working dude trying to make ends meet and working a job I wasn't really passionate about. Sure it paid the bills, but I wanted more.

It's an unfortunate fact of steady employment that facial hair is not something widely accepted in the workplace, so day in and day out I would subject my face to the brutal act of stripping it of its stubble for no other reason than to appease those who wrote my paycheck.

As with most things, the job came to end and I was relieved to find that I was free from daily shaving, and I could finally let my beard thrive. I was no longer subjecting myself to facial abuse, and I was going to focus my efforts on creating a company that embraced the beard instead of punishing it.

Today, No Shave Life is a high quality lifestyle brand focusing on bearded individuals and beard appreciators all over the world. We take the awesomeness of the beard and create products to reflect the journey we have all come to appreciate.

This is not a trend. This is not some silly hipster movement or your typical ironic goofy beard t-shirt campaign. Our dedication is to bearded individuals who refuse to accept the notion that we need to keep our faces barren. If you ask us, afeitado is the trend. Beards are part of all of us, and they will continue to be a part of all of us long after shaving is gone. 

A medida que continuamos creciendo y construyendo sobre nuestra idea inicial de abrazar la barba, nos esforzaremos por liderar el paquete y ofrecer productos de la más alta calidad para aquellos que eligen estar allí en persona en lugar de seguir a los oídos.

Para nosotros, no hay otra forma que la vida sin afeitar.


Kyle Hargan- Fundadora